Khet 2.0 by ThinkGeek is knocking on your doors like heat from Egypt when those really long winds bring it. To your door.

ThinkGeek predicts you’re ‘gonna flip’ over Khet 2.0 Laser Game if you liked Khet. I say few people flipped over Web 2.0, so chances of them flipping over Khet 2.0 are slim.

But back to Khet. With four types of playing pieces, and two of them having mirrors, the possibilites of shining a laser beam into your own eye aren’t exactly mind-bending, but they are numerous. Lasers are curtesy of Sphinx pieces, sitting lonely in a corner and rotating their laser heads towards whatever strikes their fancy. Bouncy-bouncy goes the laser, from piece to piece, until it hits a non-reflective piece, or someone’s eye, in which case, out goes the piece, or the eye.

Folks, this ain’t exactly chess, for many reasons, foremost amongst them is the lack of eye eviscerations in the history of the noble art, except for that one time when a grandmaster got really drunk. But since I’m a nice guy, I’ll tell you to buy Khet 2.0, if gameplay doesn’t pan out for you, trimming your moustache by laser will forever be an option.