Heimplanet Tent With Inflatable Support Structure

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Travel anywhere far from civilization for any considerable amount of time, and you’ll be wanting a large tent. But with large tents come large metal spikes, hammers, and other oddities from the past.

Not so with this inflatable tent from Heimplanet, which will be the joy of campers, surfers, and overzealous dads everywhere.

I can only imagine that the assembly booklet is a couple pages at most. Simply inflate the very pretty geometrical structure which is reminiscent of half a buckyball, and you’re on your way to home-sweet-home in the wild.

Created by Germans Stefan Claus and Stefan Schulze Disckhoff, who show us yet again that if you were born with a funny name you’re more driven to prove yourself, the inflatable frame has five separate air chambers, making sure your tent won’t go flop in the night like the Titanic.


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