Rating: ★★★★½


  • Facilitates one handed iPad viewing leaving other hand free for control
  • Protects the back and edges of the iPad
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive for an iPad case
  • Elastic strap is a bit tight on the hand
  • Case is not a snug fit all around

UPDATE – SEE BELOW. Out of the box the Handstand iPad case may appear to be rooted in gimmick, but after spending a few days with the case, I’m pleased to say it ain’t so.

The case itself is crafted of an all black semi-hard (the maker says silicon) plastic finish that protects the back and edges of the iPad. You’ll have to wrestle with it a bit to get the iPad completed inserted, and even afterwards you might find, as I did, the bottom portion, where the slot for the 30-pin dock resides, is loose. A set of ports exposes the iPad’s volume, mic and now mute button, while a set of plastic buttons cover the volume and lock switch that take a fair bit of effort to engage them.

An elastic strap keeps your hand secure, while a rotating disc lets you spin the iPad in either direction

But enough of the boring stuff. What sets the Handstand apart from other iPad cases is the rotating disc on the back. An elastic strap keeps your hand securely in place and enables you to not only effortlessly hold the iPad with one hand in front of you, but rotate it endlessly in either direction. Meanwhile a slight wedge on the disc provides a firm grip, which also doubles as a stand allowing you to view your iPad at a 20 degree angle whilst laying on a table. Finally, both of the longest sides of the case are fitted with a lip, which facilitate an additional carrying option.

The Handstand case is a bit loose at the bottom, probably a result of the 30-pin dock slot

I was a bit skeptical when it showed up in the mail, but like a cheesy product endorsement says, I can honestly say that the Handstand is a useful product for presentation purposes, carrying around your iPad or just plain showing off to your friends. Any caveats you ask? It’s adds some bulk to the iPad as well as weight, but not enough to negate it from travel. The elastic strap was a bit tight on my hand, resulting in a some of discomfort after 15-20 minutes of use. Lastly, it’s expensive for an iPad case.

You can buy the Handstand direct from the manufacture for $59.95.

Update: Jaime, from Handstand, just reached out after reading my review.  The problems I mentioned in my review – the loose fit at the bottom of the case, the overly tight strap and the stiff buttons – have been fixed in their latest iteration. Apparently, the case I received was an early version built specifically to garner reviews before the holidays.  As a result we’ve increased our star rating from 3.5 to 4.5, pending of course an analysis of the updated product.

*We’ll be giving away one of these to a lucky winner so keep an eye out*

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