CES 2011 is a rat-infested place, and Genius has had a hand in it. With three new special mouse producs unveiled, they’re making sure barely anybody know what species of mice these are.

The Ring mouse, for example, takes the control surface of the surface altogether. It can be worn around a finger, has two buttons, but I can’t quite figure out how the control surface works – or if there even is one. Looks like it would be a snap to control presentations with it, but not much else. Wireless pen mouse? Yes, that would be the.. Pen Mouse. It works just like a stylus would on a tablet, only there’s no tablet involved. And to make it save energy, when not in use, it goes into sleep mode.

Not to go unnoticed in the devices-with-snazzy-names category, Genius made the Navigator 905 Vogue, which has to be the fanciest name for a mouse, ever. It has BlueEye technology, instead of the usual optical sensor used for wireless mice.