What can a media player give you? It can look good, and it can be independent of the general mess of cables creeping around the floor, not adding another trip-wire set to bring the whole thing down.

Being wireless and distinctive in appearance qualifies the new Aluratek Bump for both these media player achievements, and while a sound system is only as good as its audio quality, which, with wireless, it’s not exactly up to vinyl standards – for anyone designing a living space there’s also the question of how versatile the set-up can get.

That’s where the Aluratek Bump shines, because while the actual $99 Bump media player is a rather small black cylinder with white text on blue background LED display on its front, and controls on top, you can add as many as six speakers that are also black, also cost $99 each, and appear to be even smaller than the player. Audio transfer happens over 2.4Ghz wireless up to a distance of 60 feet, and there’s a 3.5mm stereo jack for getting up close and personal with headphones, as well as a USB port for transfers.