Apple’s online store went down, then back up again, surprisingly – with details of the options that will be available for future Verizon iPhone customers. Then, a while later, they removed the details.

To no avail, of course, since in the meantime they were saved and discussed everywhere.

The 16GB iPhone will cost $199, and the 32GB model $299. For individual voice plans, costs are at $39.99 for 450 minutes, 900 minutes at $59.99 and Nationwide Unlimited at a slightly higher $69.99.


Family SharePlans go from $60.00 for 700 minutes, all the way up to unlimited for $119.99. Only one data plan is available, costing $29.99 unlimited, with an add-on that gives you 2 GB mobile hotspot and tethering data per month. It runs another $20.

Check out all the details for messaging options and costs, as I’m sure they’re easier to read from a chart than strung out in a long sentence.