The HD3 Slyde took a while to see the light of day, development on it having started even before the release of the iPod nano back in 2010.

Designed by the son of a well-known French watchmaker, you can see the imaginative workmanship brought by Jorg Hysek Jr even in the complex interface.

With a LED screen that could turn into OLED by the time it comes to market in September, and a sapphire crystal cover which is curved for comfort, it’s no surprise the Slyde has a fully titanium water resistant body. It will come in silver and black, without any physical buttons, and owners will be able to send it in for upgrades. Explained as follows:

“You can purchase special watch dials to put in the watch. HD3 will release just a few a year. They want to make sure each is good, and not over-load people with crap dials. But the dials won’t be cheap. Some of them will even be artificial limited editions – where HD3 will only sell a certain amount. Standard prices for dials will be $50-100 maybe, and more for the special ones.”

Yeah, does sound pricey. If a dial costs $100, what’s the Slyde itself going to sell for? A lot, like all Hysek watches.