Buy 100 of these and you’ll have a USB army worthy of opposing you. Fight them in the living room, fight them in the bedroom, but get a damn good door so you can have some quality bathroom time outside the battlefield.

Yes, the Autonomous Futuristic tank now with USB port and “amazing maze solving”. If you don’t build a maze for it, the Tankbot will turn your beloved home into one. With amazing maze building skills found in its autonomous personality mode.

Well, the personality part is true. It can even vary its play patterns, though we have no description of how exactly it does the playing. No maze building skills, that part was a terrible lie.

And when you get tired of fighting these mini-bots from a dystopian future, control them with your iPhone or iPad. Just catch them by hand and add a dongle. I only wish fish were that easy to control. Or catch by hand.

Unfortunately, their LiPo battery only lasts for 15 minutes.