Sony has seen the future, and it is 3D, or at least so they would have us believe, with their Bloggie 3D camcorder. Sporting two lenses and two Exmor image sensors, it can capture both 2D and 3D, so if you have pet piranhas and a neighbor you don’t like, this baby will let you re-enact the glory of 2010′s favorite summer movie.

The Bloggie plays nice with Sony’s Bravia 3D HDTVs and the VAIO F 3D laptop. On-board viewing is done via the 2.4 inch LCD (no glasses needed), and there’s a LED flash as well.

Push-of-a-button sharing to Facebook, Youtube and Flickr makes sure your misadventures don’t fall out of step with the present of social networks. There’s a built in USB arm, 8GB of internal memory, auto-everything and stabilized this and that, the battery’s built in, and HDMI output for pixel perfect images on your big screen.