5 Reasons Why Nintendo Lacks Depth – The 3DS

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

72 Comments to 5 Reasons Why Nintendo Lacks Depth – The 3DS

  1. ffcloud321


    1. Nobody wants 3D????!?!?!?!!?!?1
    WHAT? WHAT?!!!? Have to been to the theater lately? I used to work at one, 3D remakes of movies like Nightmare Before Christmas had customers in lines so long that they were extending down stairs into different departments.Hell Avatar in 3D had people coming back to the theater 3 times in one day.
     I can see a future in 20 years where the type of 3D display used in the 3DS is standard for home theaters, and especially Box office movies.  You buy a movie like Iron man 2 and turn the 3D on for your TV….you don't think people would want that???..the 3Ds is just the beginning. 
    2. Software: It’s serious business
    Ok….with the lack of apps on the 3Ds….this thing can go on the INTERNET YOU DUMB ASS, you can play people from all over the world on your handheld at home next to your wireless router, or at Starbucks…and I even hear of and Internet browser….Not to mention a store where you can DL and save classic games to your flash cards…shut up with apps…3. Battery woes
    Fuck you , the battery is fine. My friend has one and he says he is getting about 7 hours out of it with the 3D on full and sound all the way up. The battery is good, FACT
    4. Sharing is…overrated?
    Do you honestly belive that this product will fail because your friends can't see the full 3D effect while they are sitting next to you?  LMFAO, with the first Gameboy Advance you could barely see the screen your self because it wasn't back lit!! That system did fine if I recall…hmm I think the kids on the playground can adapt to show each of their buddy's the 3D effect.

    5. Too little, too late.
    Ok with this shit, you go on say that phones are the future of handheld gaming..I don't know about that. I think convergence is a big part of the future, I think one day everyone will have a tablet device and people will use less and less paper. Once the competition calms down and a few products are dominant the consumer will demand software convergence so every model tablet and phone will be backward compatible with competitors software….not now, but some time from now.
    Innovations in software rely on innovations in hardware.
    Nintendo is surely trying to create new mediums for software developers. 
    While Sony on the other hand is focusing on raw power.
    Like I said above, all TVs in the future will have a 3D setting like the 3DS. Directors and Game Developers can utilize this tech to create more immersion in movies and games.  Imagine a movie like 300 with a large 3DS screen in your living room!!! Imagine a game like Metal Gear Solid with a large 3DS screen in your living room.
    and motion controls may die out…or maybe their full influence is yet to be seen.
     The bet is still out on that one.

    Fuck you
    This article is trash.

  2. Another backfire for you retarded fanboys that would stick with Nintendo even if they released a turd with a smiley on it(All Nintendo heroes).

    Nintendo claims that they invented stereotopycal 3D, no sir, it was invented 300 years ago, beat that.
    3D, the way of the future?
    Sony's 2007 3D mght use glasses BUT THEIR EFFECT REMAINS REAL!!!
    Not this gimmickal console which relies on titles with “remake” or “3D”, which 90% of their titles will have.

  3. Hey, i heard that Nintendo finally had the guts to make 7+ games!
    instead of the usual “we always rule with kids, because were the only company that creates games for kids so hurray for our”we played this 20 years ago” 3+ games :D!”
    But still, that's not enough to beat the PSP2 >:D!

    …..I won't even start about that it's 2011 and Nintendo brings their consoles with internet, the PSP had it in 2004, and it can easily beat any handheld Nintendo console……neather will i start with the fact that Nintendo isn't needeed anymore….. their only in the world records because they had 15 years ahead of us, but those were the 90's, NOW they suck.

  4. I tried the 3DS today playing Street Fighter and the picture in 3D sucked bad and made me feel weird. Any 3D adjusted from high to low looked strange, totally unpleasant. Could not find the so called sweet spot. The 2D picture on the other hand was great, better than the DSi.

  5. Actually this article is spot on. Big game developers like EA are shifting more towards mobile devices and are slowly working less and less on consoles. Why would a developer waste time and money making a full blown console game when they can make a simpler smart phone game for a fraction of the price?

  6. “No one cares about 3D”, You're a moron, sir. 3D is an expensive experience, 3D TV's are rediculously pricey and 3D movies are more expensive than 2D movies. It was the same way with HD TVs. When they first came out you couldn't do shit with them, but as they become more supported and cheaper, people hopped on the HD train. It's going to be the same way with 3D. As for movies, No one wants to see a bad movie in 3D. People usually go to the cinema for, y'know, the movies not the effect. Seeing as 3D movies are like, five bucks more, peopler are going to go see the movie's cheaper 2D counterpart. Which brings me to Nintendo, Just about anything the company touches turns to gold or atleast silver. Nintendo has a huge fanbase that will buy whatever they put out regardless of the gimmick. Not to mention glasses-free 3D could be a pretty big draw for a casual market. I can't even imagine 3D simulation without glasses so I'm pretty interested myself. When you get right down to it, You're just a iBitch that shudders at the thought of a game that costs more than a dollar. Anything can seem good, so long as it's cheap. The point is people don't buy videogame consoles to know what the weather is, or check on the stock market, We buy them for the games and anything else is a bonus, and in the 3DS's case it looks like we'll be getting some quality titles and some nifty little diversion applications too.

  7. Bobby Smith

    That is a damn well written article. I like the part when he compared checking the weather with Ocarina of Time 3D. Who really wants to play a near perfect game remastered when you can.. check the weather? That's where the fun is. 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Egypt! WOO HOOO!

  8. Dannnamesake

    Man, what a beating in the comments session. In all honesty though, that was tremendously pooly written and featured even worse fundaments for the points being allegedly made. If anyone higher up on the food chain is reading this comment and all the others, please reconsider linking the website's image to such an inept writer.

    “Now, however, they are making a huge mistake with the 3DS, and the company is doomed to failure for five very important reasons”. For the love of God, how does anyone employ such a vessel of inadequacy???

  9. Zeldanemesis

    The way I see it, there are two possibilities. This guy really is as stupid as he seems, which I would like to beleive isn't true. I'd hate to think that they actually let someone this ignorant write an article. The other possibility is that this guy purposely wrote this terrible article just to get attention from anyone that has the slightest bit of intelligence to realize how ridiculous this article is. It seems to me like an obvious troll attempt to get hits.

  10. extremely false maybe this guy should try it before he makes up such lies like no one wants 3d, did he forget about avatar which was the highest grossing 3d film, we are just tired of the glasses thx nintendo and boo on James Pikover for even writing this :(

  11. OMG!!!Life is so unfair.Do you really get paid for writing these crappy articles?You have no idea about gaming.Or you just want to get more hits.

  12. Are you insane or just retarded? If you ask anyone I know, and shitloads of people I dont know, they will all say that the 3ds is a fantastic device. You said that Nintendo should get wtih the times. Have you been living on mars for the last 30 years. Nintendo has always been at the for front of the industry and has made gaming what it is today. If you cant see that then you job as a video game reveiwer should be terminated instantly. The brought filled 3D polygons to the industry, the rumble feature, motion control, voice and touch. If you cant notice this then im sorry and something must be seriously wrong. And for my next point, just because a game is cheap doesnt make it good. Just because a game has tremendously amazing graphics, doesnt automaticaly make it the best thing since sliced bread. The experiance is what counts. The alot of the games on phones are minigame like. As for saying that Nintendo has'nt done much since 2004 with the DS, what about all the games and consoles they have sold. The DS continues to sell to this day. As for no one wanting it, did you see the response at E3 when they unveiled it. It stole the entire show and was a huge success. You quite clearly have no idea what you are talking about and should stop posting things like thing when you clearly know nothing about the topic.

    • peteypole400

      too true, and plus the fact that the 3ds is a gaming console, and not a mobile phone, so therefore why on earth should it be able to send texts/make calls? people will buy the 3ds for gaming, not for texting.

  13. Fireofosiris

    everyone said the Wii would fail, yet that is the best selling console of all time, and even though sales dropped this year, it still outsold the other consoles. The article does not even based on recent figures, 1. Nobody wants it? What!!! With all the pre-orders it's selling out in stores before it's even released. 2. I would not consider apps true console software, I would consider a full game like Zelda OoT3D as software for example. 3. Seriously! Comparing the battery life of the 3Ds to an 80s 4 bit machine that had 4 AA batteries? nuff said on that guess. 4. It's 3D without glasses, which if anything is better for your eyes than the glasses, now of course Toshiba and a few others are producing TV's that do the same, putting Sony and their 3D with glasses TV's back in the little league. 5. Back in the 90's Nintendo patented a phone, kind of looked like an old big Nokia, but would have been able to play games on and such. The final design never came to light probably because playing games on phones was considered a crap idea that drains the phones battery life so the extent where you may not be able to make phonecalls for very long…NGage anyone. I personally would like to see them keep away from having a phone inside the gameboy, it's would only cost more money for something I already own.

  14. This must be a joke? Terrible writing contributing to an article that is absolute garbage.

    This author has totally missed the mark here.

  15. Did 3D kill your father or something? What's your vendetta against 3D?

    You know you'll be eating these words about a month after the 3DS launches…

    I'm not worried about the 3DS lasting just 3 to 5 hours. The problem with the Game Gear was that it lasted 5 hours on disposable batteries. The 3DS is rechargeable. It's a completely different ball game. Convenient that you left that out…

  16. How do I hate this article? Let me count the ways:

    1. “according to most data out there on the subject, nobody really cares about 3D.” What “data” are you referring to exactly? Because, in my experience, I think that the millions of dollars in 3D movie tickets prove that the public cares at least a little about 3D.

    2. “with a grand total of 11 apps.” Aww, are you afraid that you'll need to own TWO devices for portable entertainment? Allow me to remind you that this is a GAMING CONSOLE, not a mobile phone. We don't care about apps, we care about GAMES!

    3. “I guess Nintendo’s new model is useless hardware and junk software.” This one made me laugh. Yeah, Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, and Star Fox sure are junk, aren't they.

    4. “Now, their most powerful machine yet runs…a measly 3-5 hours.” Nintendo has had a history of under exaggerating their battery lives, just like Apple loves to over exaggerate theirs. Under reasonable circumstances (medium back light, medium 3D, not online), you can expect it to last at least as long as the old DS', while the iPhone which you love so much can barely last 3 hours on 3DS-quality games. But I guess that's not a problem, because iPhone games are only 3 hours long anyway.

    5. “keeping your hands steady while holding a handheld when playing is next to impossible as it is.” What, do you suffer from muscle spasms or something?

    6. “400×240 and 320×240 resolution displays?” Why does everyone always get this one wrong? I'll make it very simple for you: The top screen is comprised of TWO 400×240 screens that, when combined, make for 800×480 resolution. You're never looking at one of those screens at a time, even when in 2D.

    7. “Come out and meet iPhone, Android, and heck, even Windows Phone 7.” I'm not even going to try to express with words what's wrong with this sentence. In my eyes, this is like a warning to readers that says “Don't even try to take this article seriously; We have no idea what we're talking about!”

  17. dude…are you high or something?
    everything about this article is completely wrong, even the title! “the 3ds lacks depth” there are 2 ways i could take that, both of which prove you wrong. 1 way is the 3ds is 3d, therefore it has more visual depth than previous 2d things.
    2nd this is nintendo, their games have more depth than most games on all other consoles

  18. 1. tons of people want 3D you idiot. Why the fuck are movies still made in 3D if they don't get watched. Consumers, game makers, and movie makers care about 3D.
    2. Apps on a phone, and the 3DS are 2 different target audiences. You can have a phone for apps and a 3DS for actual quality games.
    3. Wasn't the DSi rated to have 3-5 hours of battery life? Wasn't that with everything on high?
    4. WTF is this reason? It makes no sense. And you don't have to have the 3D on, it's not the only thing unique about the 3DS.
    5. People that will buy the 3DS won't settle for the extremely limited gaming of a smartphone!!! Take a game on a smartphone and compare it to a console equivalent and the smartphone is blown to smithereens. Plus the battery on most phones is less powerful than on the 3DS.

    Your article is complete rubbish.

  19. I was not pleased, I actually read this article & it put a frown on my face. Then I read the comments & they turned it rightside-up

  20. What is with people thinking Smartphones are killing DEDICATED GAMING DEVICES? Gamers don't play Smartphones, people who sit on a train for 20 minutes and never play video games otherwise buy crap like Angry Birds, but thats certainly not killing the DS sales.


  22. Noseynosemeister

    Another Sony fanboy's rant. Sorry, but the 3DS is going to kill in sales. Already sold out in preorders in Japan and it will be the same here soon. It will be very difficult to find for the first year. The other thing is that if your don't like the freakin' 3D, then just turn it off with the slider.

    • I wouldn't say it's a Sony fanboy – seemed more to be coming from a smartphone user's perspective, given it primarily compared what the 3DS could do vis-a-vis smartphones, and completely overlooked that you can't get experiences like MGS Snake Eater 3DS (or whatever they're calling it) and the Resi 3DS game on smartphones at all (which, given gaming is the main purpose of the 3DS, is a Gulf of Mexico sized hole in their argument ;)).

  23. Wow I was gonna comment on how laughably terrible this article is, but I can see that dozens of people beat me to it.

    Have you ever owned a gaming console Mr. James Pikover?

  24. Reallty poorly written article that basically is false at every point.

    The battery lasts 5+ hours. The settings nintendo provided for 3-5 hours were on max settings.

    You have no idea what your talkign about

  25. 6 Reasons Why Your Article Sucks Bad:
    1. You think no one wants 3D? Lololol, I guess all the people at the Nintendo World event who loved it so much were just a bunch of retards then.
    2. You think apps are on par with video game software. Yeah, yeah, I can totally feel the rush of checking Wikipedia on my iPad compared to playing Ocarina of Time in 3D, yeah, totally the same thing.
    3. You think that the whole entire 3DS sucks because of the battery life. Sure, we're all upset too, but that's not gonna keep people from buying it like hell.
    4. You think the 3D hinders sharing the experience, because its oh so difficult to just hand the device to your friend for two seconds.
    5. You think that the 3DS and seperate devices such as cell phones and other entertainment devices are meant to compete with each other. You're way off the mark; the video game industry as a whole and the industry that contains the produst you speak of are two TOTALLY different things.
    6. Show some brains or GTFO.

    • DUDE! You're totally on fire. Your comment totally made me laugh. Yeah I totally agree with point 2. Yeah I totally love checking wikipedia way more than high quality games made by nintendo or 3rd party games. ROFLMAO

    • point number 4 when cross examined with the artical is probably the only truth in this shit heap the author placed on the internet.

  26. I WISH the Game Gear's batteries lasted five hours back then.

    Also, these articles are par for the course whenever Nintendo's on the verge of releasing their most successful console yet, we're used to disregarding them by now.

  27. Fenderholic88

    This is garbage. You are an awful writer and your knowledge of gamers and gaming in general is severely limited at best.

  28. This article is complete garbage. I will hit every point you made with the real. 1. We do care about 3d. We don't care about 3d with glasses. And all the things you mentioned need glasses. No glasses needed here. And reading real impressions from other sites makes the 3ds sound like it is using 3d smartly and not gimmicky. 2. The real software is games and the 3ds is going to have that. I don't give a crap about fart apps on iphone. 3. The battery is low but doing things like lowering the battery, turning off 3d, and wifi make the battery last longer. 4. Turn off the 3d. People will be able to see it. If they want to see 3ds let them see your system with 3d turned on. 5. Nintendo is on time. They are already selling people on this and it is already selling out across the globe.
    In conclusion this site sucks. And Nintendo rules another day.

    • A quick note about battery life… why is it that the 3DS's battery life is soooo talked about? What about the iPod Touch 4G's battery life? Playing games on the thing gives me like 2 to 3 hours of battery under the BEST conditions…. this article sucks.

    • iv'e also heard nintendo is selling a batery sometime after launch to increace battery life kina like the psp

  29. Stopped reading at apps.

    Go back to playing crappy 99 cent iPhone games whose budget is just as big as the cost.

  30. This is a pretty horrible article. Please stop writing about markets you have absolutely no idea about.

  31. Several misses on the article I noticed. First off was the screen resolution. The top screen is 800×240. When 3D is on is the time it is 400×240. People talk about how having lots of pixels makes a screen better…not if you can't see those pixels. Let me put it this way. A screen that is 42″ is running a BD movie at 1080p. That is 1920×1080. The DS screen is 3.53″ diagonally. A direct conversion is 161×90. However there are other factors. Here is the optimum size for 640 x 480: 7.9″x5.9″ (9.9″ diagonal). Get my point? Having a 800(1600)x480 3.53″ screen would actually hurt it if everybody designed games at that level.

  32. “Nobody wants 3D. You don’t want it, I don’t want it.” Umm.. I want it, your time machine must be broken or you can't read my mind. Worst article I had to read in the last couple of months, thanks.

  33. It's not for apps, it doesn't need to do a million different things at once and it's not for the market you intend for it to be for. You missed the point of the 3DS completely.

  34. I heard the 3DS will have video games on it. Is that true? What about my apps? How will I use Wikipedia and gmaps?

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