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Grace Digital WiFi SYstem

Grace Digital WiFi Bookshelf System Promises Big Sound


As you might have read we weren’t huge fans of Grace Digital Allegro WiFi Internet radio.  Let’s just hope they read our review and made the appropriate, or should we say suggested changes to their next table top system, the Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System. They’re laying claim to the “world’s...

Handstand iPad Case

Handstand iPad Case Review (video) (update)

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[rating:4.5/5] Pros: Facilitates one handed iPad viewing leaving other hand free for control Protects the back and edges of the iPad Easy to use Cons: Expensive for an iPad case Elastic strap is a bit tight on the hand Case is not a snug fit all around UPDATE – SEE...


ChumBuddy Eats You While You Sleep


Designer Kendra Phillips turns shark advocate this week and churns out the ChumBuddy, a 7 foot plush shark that won’t churn you into chum unless you happen to have a nightmare about it while sleeping in its belly. That’s right, the ChumBuddy is a shark-shaped sleeping bag, 100% hand-sewn, which...

pioneer cyclocomputer

Pioneer Cyclocomputer Runs Android


Cyclocomputer running on Android. That sounds like some sort of doomsday machine, which would be nice for a change, I guess. Instead, it’s a humble bike computer/meter, though – when you take into account that not all bike computers run Android, it doesn’t seem so humble anymore. From this day...