Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Samsung HMX-Q10

Samsung’s HMX-Q10 Camcorder Includes Switch Grip Tech For Lefties


Lefties can now rejoice, at least when using a camcorder, thanks to the introduction of Samsung’s HMX-Q10.  This camcorder captures full HD video and thanks to a built-in accelerometer, something Samung is calling Switch Grip, it automatically orientates the 2.7-inch LCD screen and video capture.  That means lefties, which are often left...

Engage Keyoard by Smartfish

Engage Ergomotion Keyboard Moves As You Type


Smartfish first broke on the scene with their Whirl mouse that offered what they claimed to be a design that reduced repeated strain to the wrist.  So what better way to round out their product offering than to offer a keyboard of a similar ilk, the Engage. It uses a...

iHome idm70

iHome Announces iDM70 Speaker Sleeve


iHome, which is no stranger to CES, says they’ve got a handful of new products set for demo at this year’s conference.  Most notable of the bunch is the iDM70.  It’s a protective sleeve that incorporates a NXT flat-panel speaker and a rechargeable battery.  The case is made from faux...

Fling iPad Controller

Fling: iPad Tactile Controller (video)


Gaming on the iPad’s touchscreen, while unique and novel, can be a nightmare if the game utilizes a virtual analog or joystick controller.  So what’s a hardcore gamer to do? You’re to have a Fling…with your iPad.  It’s a game controller that suction cups to the screen of the iPad...