Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard Review (update)

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Zaggmate Keyboard 2
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13 Comments to Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard Review (update)

  1. The globe in the upper right of the keyboard changes the language, if you have more than one language installed.

  2. As an owner of this case, I have a couple additional comments:

    Pro: If you turn off the keyboard and leave the stand up, you can place your iPad screen side and use it in a similar angle as the Apple case. This is useful when your iPad is not on a flat surface. You have to turn off the keyboard though so you can get access to the on screen keyboard.

    Con: The spacebar is sometimes difficult to get to get to because of the recessed keyboard design. I find myself hitting it several times because my thumb hits the case before the spacebar. I'm assuming over time I'll develop a better feel for this.

    There are times when I hit a key and it returns multiple entries (for example, I got “mulltiple” when I first tried to type that word). Also unsure if that's just something that improves over time.

  3. Michael Cornelio

    When I first saw this case I thought, “Wow! Really Cool!” But, because it wasn't yet available, I bought the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and the Belkin stand instead. When a friend told me that the Zaggmate with Keyboard was available from a local store I went as soon as I could to pick one up. I assembled it during lunch and “toyed” with it for a while.

    The PROS: Nice concept. Solid aluminum casing. Slick looking.

    The CONS: The inside looks and “feels” cheap. The back of the iPad is exposed–yes, I knew it would be. When the iPad was cradled inside, it “felt” like it was going to fall out–maybe it's just me. The case felt “cold” in my hands–yes I know–subjective. The keys on the keyboard felt small and cramped–I have very long fingers.

    So, right after lunch, I returned it to the store for a full refund. I will keep my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Belkin stand and my Apple iPad case. I like the feel of the microfiber Apple case in my hand when I'm carrying my iPad around–it has just the right amount of “grip” to carry it under my arm comfortably. I would be afraid that the Zaggmate would slip out of my grip. And, the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is a joy to type on–it's even better than the keyboard on my Dell and HP and Acer laptops.

    In all honesty, had I not already experienced the great ergonomic quality of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard before buying/trying the Zaggmate, I might have considered keeping the Zaggmate.

    The Zaggmate was good, but just not good “enough” for me to switch.

  4. Sedwardsrussell

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    The “Charging” light turns on when charging and then turns off when completely charged. A mostly complete charge takes just over an hour but the light may take several hours before it turns off. We recommend charging it overnight about once a month.

  5. heypastortrevor

    can you place it in the case with the screen facing out while reading or gaming so you can use it without hassling with an extra piece laying around? Thinking about in planes etc. Thanks.

  6. Would you still need to buy a sleeve to protect the finish of the case? Looks like it would scratch easily.

    • gadgetreview

      If you don't like scratches, then yes, a sleeve would keep it extra pristine. But keep in mind that it is a case, so buying a sleeve would be a bit redundant.

  7. what a piece of sh*t… like i am going to spend $100 bucks for a crappy keyboard. I heard battery life sucks as well

    • gadgetreview

      Where did you hear this? Battery life so far is still good and it's been over 2 weeks. I can't seem to find anything wrong with the keyboard, with the exception that it isn't full sized, which is more a result of the iPad's small form factor.

      • I recently bought this item for my bf for xmas after reading wonderful reaviews about it but I have to say I have been very disappointed, the the delete button dosent work, some of the keys R and S stick and do this rrrrrrrrrrrrrr ssssssssssss , it went away after I pounded on the buttons, but delete dosent work. I feel duped that I spend $100 on a keyboard that dosent work properly ;-C

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