Speakal does not spare any expenses, or any dignity, in their race towards amassing as many shockingly unique iPod docks as they can. Or maybe it’s a race towards being seen as the gaudiest gadget maker of the bunch.

And while there may be a large bunch of gadget makers, when you build an iPod dock shaped like a pig, you’re well on your way to schlocky stardom.

The iPod dock pig wears sunglasses and carries much audio hardware in its belly. With four-watt stereo drivers instead of eyes, and a 15 watt subwoofer for a liver, the rest of it is very symmetrical – ports beneath the tail and controls in the snout.

Once you charge it up, the internal lithium ion battery will keep you musically entertained for eight hours, which should nicely fill up the many hours of loneliness you’ll be enduring once your friends find out you’re the kind of guy or gal that spends $150 on a toy pig.