Rating: ★★★★½


  • Symmetric shape makes it comfortable for both left and right-handed users
  • Anti-gravity comfort pivot places less stress on your wrist
  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Built-in container to hold the USB transmitter


  • Pivot raises height of mouse, making it awkward to transport

Every desktop computer requires a mouse. Although companies such as Microsoft and Logitech offer ergonomic mouse designs that curve to the fit comfortably within the contour of your hand, there’s still the problem of your wrist. Depending on the physical position of your desk in relation to your arm, your wrist may need to bend a certain way to hold and use any mouse. The unchanging shape of a mouse means that you need to hold your wrist at a fixed angle.

Since holding your wrist at such a fixed angle for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable at best or dangerous at worse (think Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), SmartFish Technologies offers their Whirl Laser Mouse. This wireless mouse looks and behaves like any other wireless mouse except for its unusual anti-gravity comfort pivot, which makes the mouse appear as if it’s floating in the air.

This anti-gravity comfort pivot represents the actual base of the mouse that slides on a flat surface and tracks the movement of the mouse. However, this pivot also lets the top portion of the mouse rotate to adjust to your hand and arm position. Move your arm and wrist and the mouse smoothly adapts to your motion, providing maximum comfort to your wrist no matter what position or angle you hold the mouse.

Unlike other ergonomic mouse designs, the Whirl Laser Mouse is symmetrically shaped, which makes it comfortable for both left and right-handed users, unlike other mouse designs primarily designed for right-handed users.

Initially, the Whirl mouse may feel awkward with the mouse raised above the surface of your desk, but it’s easy to adapt to it and the gentle rocking motion of the mouse soon becomes familiar and comfortable. Switching back to a traditional mouse will suddenly feel awkward when you realize how much an ordinary mouse places stress on your wrist due to its fixed and unchanging shape.

Like a regular mouse, the Whirl Laser Mouse includes a left and right button along with a middle scroll wheel. The mouse requires two AA batteries (included) along with a wireless transmitter that you must plug into the USB port of any Windows or Mac OS X computer.

If you won’t be using your Whirl Laser Mouse for an extended period of time, you can flip it over and use its on/off switch to conserve battery power. If you plan to take your Whirl Laser Mouse with you, you can tuck its USB transmitter into a recessed spot that will securely hold it in place.

While this built-in storage container for the USB transmitter makes it easy to move the mouse, the pivot makes this mouse unusually tall, which means it can be more cumbersome to tuck away in any laptop carrying case compared to a regular mouse.

If you want a comfortable, wireless mouse that works equally well with either Windows or Mac OS X, then you’ll be pleased with the Whirl Laser Mouse. Its unique anti-gravity comfort pivot really does work and provides a measure of comfort not found in any other ergonomic mouse. Just be aware that the bulk of the mouse makes it a bit awkward for constant travel, but it still may be the best mouse you can use for any computer.

Amazon has it for $49.99.

Wallace Wang