Remember Fujitsu’s dual screen phone prototype we covered some time before?

That was a phone that showed a lot of promise and innovation usability-wise, you could turn it into several different shape modes, to where you’d end up saying ‘I’ll use it in this mode for that software, and then twist it around when I want to do this and that’.

Not so with Samsung’s Dual Super AMOLED touchscreen that was just launched in China. It’s called the Samsung W899, and it’s basically a 3.3-inch touchscreen that’s both on the inside and the outside of the top side of a clamshell physical architecture functioning on Android 2.2 software.

Not very imaginative or useful, but it does come with a physical numeric keypad, which, of course, you can’t use at the same time as the outside screen.

Display resolution is WVGA, and a 5-megapixel camera records video in 720P HD. It measures 57.4 x 107.5 x 17.55 mm and weighs 183g, which makes it a little overweight, but not by much.

There’s CDMA/EVDO and GSM connectivity for international roaming, mobile hotspot and WiFI, a microSD card slot and GPS capability.