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CRKT Multitool

CRKT Multitool


We love them multitools.  The CRKT Eat’N Tool can just about do it all, even get you deathly ill.  Say what?  It serves as an eating apparatus as well as a wrench, screw driver, pry tool and bottle opener.  So after your done wrenching on that rusty nut you can...

Razor Fish Kinect

Razorfish DaVinci Meets Kinect And Creates Gesture-Based Beauty (video)


I’ve seen many art installations, public interaction projects and generally awesome things to do with an Xbox Kinect, but this blending of the Razorfish DaVinci gestural interface with the Kinect seems like the most intimate connection realized so far between physical reality and a playfully and subtly artistic virtual reality....


Veho Pebble Smartskin Gives 500 Extra Hours Of iPad Standby

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Often when climbing tall mountains I find it difficult to balance my iPad’s battery power between writing duties and conserving enough juice to act as a life-saving beacon in case I fall and break one or both of my legs. No more will that worry me. Veho’s new Pebble Smartskin...


The LG E2290V Is World’s Slimmest Monitor

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LG just poured onto the world another slimly build monitor, so slim and wispy in fact that the term poured does not seem out of place. I suspect they have fairies or goblins hidden away in some factory magically pouring these things out of thin air and into Ultra Slim...


Samsung SCH-W899 Dual Screen Clamshell Smartphone


Remember Fujitsu’s dual screen phone prototype we covered some time before? That was a phone that showed a lot of promise and innovation usability-wise, you could turn it into several different shape modes, to where you’d end up saying ‘I’ll use it in this mode for that software, and then...


New Video Of The Sony Zeus Z1 PlayStation Phone (video)


This video of the Zeus Z1 PlayStation phone has been rolling around tech blogs like bombastically named thunder from the Greek gods. Once you get over the initial images conjured by the name PlayStation phone, that is, in case it’s first time you hear of it, and then you get...

Epic 4G Master

Samsung Epic 4G Review


[Rating: 4.5/5] Pros: Screen has excellent contrast and touch sensitivity Fast as heck, very smooth UI Takes excellent pictures and video in decent lighting Cons: Keyboard too easy to make mistakes on, some poorly placed keys Battery life suffers when 4G antenna is on, whether 4G is available or not...

GymGym Exercise Chair

GymGym Workout Desk Chair (video)


It’s no secret that the majority of the US work force is out of shape.  After all, most of us sit for a good portion of the day if not our lives.  Adam Ben-David, who seems to have three first names, has designed a chair, the GymGym, to keep you...

D7000 Front Left

First Look: Nikon D7000


As a technology writer, critic and journalist, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the products we write about are things people actually buy, and don’t just get for free, or get to try out for a month at a time. That’s not to say I or other staff members at...