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hyundai equus

Hyundai Equus: The Tech-Savvy Sedan

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If it’s been a long-standing dream of yours to get inside a computer and take it out for a spin, the Equus is ready to be your dream come true. Hyundai’s new luxury vehicle is fully equipped and rip-roaring ready to go to take you for a ride down the...


Sony’s KDL-22PX300 LCD With PS2 Inside

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If your PS3 doesn’t happen to belong to the first generation PS3s that came out, then it’s not compatible with what some would deem to be the apex of console games, the gallery of PS2 titles. Though there would seem to be no end to your generational console gap plight,...


PeeWee Power 2.0 Tough But Underpowered Kids Laptop


Children are giants when it comes to the damage they can inflict on most anything. Really, most anything. Because it’s not the one-hit power of a child that makes gadgets cower and tremble, it’s their occasionally relentless anger and their almost permanent lack of attention that add up over time....


Onlive PlayPack Now In Live Beta For $9.99

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OnLive is doing Netflix for games, and it’s doing it for just $9.99/month. “PlayPack” is available right now in beta form to those who already have an OnLive MicroConsole or purchase the OnLive Game System, which is a $99 bundle of the console and a controller. OnLive’s aim as stated...

Smartfish Ergo Mouse-1

Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse Review


[rating:4.5/5] Pros: Symmetric shape makes it comfortable for both left and right-handed users Anti-gravity comfort pivot places less stress on your wrist Supports both Windows and Mac OS X Built-in container to hold the USB transmitter Cons: Pivot raises height of mouse, making it awkward to transport Every desktop computer...

Xtrememac Tango TRX-1

Xtrememac Tango TRX 2.1 iPod Dock Speaker System Review


[rating: 4/5] At first blush Xtrememac’s Tango TRX looks like any other iPod dock speaker. After all, it does have a speaker and the quintessential 30-pin dock connector (compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod).  Aesthetically it’s rather easy on the eyes thanks to the minimalist design and my personal...

TDX Boombox 2011

TDK Pop And Locks With 3 New Boomboxes


TDK isn’t the first company when you think of when it comes to innovation, but today the company unveiled three new boomboxes that might just change that perception. They appear to be a mix of retro audio styling mixed with messenger bags and Apple’s industrial design.  Each box has a...

Jordan ipad

Jordan Slam Dunk iPad


Jordan slam dunks this one and tears the basket, the court, and the hearts of everyone not on the list to get one of these limited edition “Dominate Another Day’ iPads. Dominate Another Day is a viral campaign currently running amok on Youtube. It’s set apart by production values rivaling...

tron light cycle

Real Life Tron Motorbike, Yours For $55K (video)


Featuring steel frames and fiberglass bodywork, with V-twin engines driving the fun behind this run of ten Parker Brother Choppers made Tron Light Cycles, there’s nothing left to the imagination as the Tron movie bikes are brought to life. The engine was borrowed from a Suzuki TLR1000, with brakes and...