If it’s been a long-standing dream of yours to get inside a computer and take it out for a spin, the Equus is ready to be your dream come true. Hyundai’s new luxury vehicle is fully equipped and rip-roaring ready to go to take you for a ride down the highway in a car that’s so stocked with information you’ll think you’re driving the Internet itself.

Once you get inside the Equus you’ll be breathing easy with its pollen, particle, and dust air filter and get comfy when the massaging driver’s seat helps you slip into automotive heaven. If you’ve got a laptop or a cell phone that’s craving a charge, feel free to plug it in to the power socket – you’ve got one in the back seat and in the front seat to choose from.

The Equus takes it a step further for the audiophile inside: press a button and treat your auditory system to a 17-speaker Lexicon audio system complete with subwoofer, speed sensitive volume control, in-glass radio antenna, and Bluetooth technology for streaming music. That same Bluetooth makes your cell phone wireless for hands-free chatting, a boon like nothing else considering that more and more states are enforcing cell phone bans while driving.

Not enough technology for you? Let’s not forget the cherry on the top of this sundae bonanza of technology – the owner’s manual.

What? The manual? Rest assured, this manual is one you’ll never misplace, due to the fact that the manual is a file on the iPad that comes along with the Equus. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking that car manual out of the glove box on several occasions, leaving it free of dust and impossible to lose.

Get ready techies – a new car’s in town, and it’s bringing the electronic store with it

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