Griffin’s relationship with kids grows with their new “LightBoard” case, which vows to make your iPad a ‘kid-safe art activity center’.

It’s not much more than a protective case made out of polycarbonate, and with access to the speakers and the headphone jack, but it has a blue/green design that’s kid friendly, the screen shield will let them doodle without ruining the precious touchscreen, and it looks tough enough to drop.

You can add tracing paper on top of the screen, and with the LightBoard Trace app that’s included, kids can trace the 35 included illustrations. More can probably be added, and the LightBoard comes with a supply of tracing paper, though other kinds can be used as well. Also bundled is a washing felt-tip marker.

Cost of the case is $39.99, and there’s even an app that teaches kids how to write their own name.