First Look: Nikon D7000

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D7000 Front Left
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12 Comments to First Look: Nikon D7000

  1. the worst sample shots of any camera review I've ever seen. What can we tell by them, the camera needs a photog.

    • Is that the hot pixel issue? Because Nikon recently addressed that and said they can fix it with a firmware update, which should be coming soon.

  2. What is the difference in the Nikon D 300 s and the D 7000?? I currently own a Nikon D40X, love the camera but I don't like not having the motor in the body. Off set is probably lighter.

    • The D7000 does have a motor (I'm assuming you mean for autofocus, for lenses without a built-in motor). That was one of the main reasons for upgrading from the D40x, because I got a fast 1.8 50mm prime lens, but it has no built-in autofocus motor. The D7000 basically made the lens worthwhile.

      As for the difference, the D300s is a full-frame camera, with a much larger sensor, though it's only 12MP to the D7000's 16MP. Its also a professional-grade camera, so unless you're really ready to step into that realm, I'd recommend the D7000 first. The D7000 has all of the bells and whistles anyone needs, and because it's newer includes a ton of features that the D300s just doesn't have, like 1080p video, continuous autofocus, a better battery, SDXC storage…the list goes on and on.

      • D700 is a full fram camera. D300s is NOT. There is NO reason or advantage of the D300s over the D7000 (I own both of them).

      • But the D300s does have more auto bracketing options, will read CF cards, and has more AF points (including more cross-type sensors). The difference between SDXC and SDHC card reading capability is unlikely to be an important selling point.

  3. Loved the pics!

    I really want a D7000. Currently I own a D5000 and Like it a lot. I'm sure I'll love the D7000 but just can't afford it since it's just for fun. ;(

    • You can always sell the D5000 to upgrade!

      But I agree, the D5000 is a good camera. Nikon was kind enough to send it to me last year to use for shooting, and it proved excellent. But for me, it wasn't quite the step up from the D40x that I needed.

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