How do you make a portable field monitor for laptop use, without going to great expense or coming up with a compromise of size or quality?

You keep the laptop form-factor, essentially making a second, very light laptop, that has no internal hardware except for the 1280X800 LED backlit screen, two USB 2.0 ports and a number pad – not a full keyboard.

That’s Mobile Monitor Technologies’ four-pound Field Monitor Pro, a 15.4 inch display that folds into a supremely flat and portable package. You can lay it flat on any surface, like a tablet, mount it on a wall, or open it like a laptop and keep it at the same eye-level as your functioning laptop. It could possibly be connected to a tablet, giving two very different surfaces to look at.

Why number pad instead of a keyboard? It was apparently built with accountants in mind, and they get sick when they see letters. They also drop their laptops more frequently then regular people, which is why Mobile Monitor Technologies built the Field Monitor Pro’s case walls out of a mix of ABS and polycarbonate poured twice as thick as in regular laptops.