The Celsius X VI II Watch Phone costs $300,000. A couple Google searches after finding out that interesting informational tid-bit, I have confirmed that it is correct, but my mind still yells ‘mistake’.

Only 18 are being made, and yes, it is gorgeous, but for $300,000 gorgeous seems almost random. For the price, they could have made it ten times more gorgeous, or maybe twenty, who knows? Also for the price, they could have given it a camera a tiny bit larger than 3.2 megapixels.

Its design is based around having an actual mechanical watch on the phone’s front face, with such a complicated array of gears and pulleys and levers and other probably useless things, that if you ever fall pray to a miniaturization experiment, and become ant-sized, it would be better to stay away from your $300,000 Celsius X VI II Watch Phone.

I’m only joking – the gears are for converting your kinetic energy (presumably generated by flipping open the phone) into battery juice. Still, stay away if you’re ant-sized.