The road to human machine unity has got to start somewhere, and while nobody will be able to really pinpoint the actual start of mind-reading devices – as there have been a bunch of under-marketed and under-performing devices over the past 10 years – part of the humble beginnings of technohumanism will take place on a golf course.

A golf course in Asia, and that comes as no surprise to anyone. NeuroSky’s BrainAthlete system is an evolution of its other mind-reading headsets which measure midichlorian count and manage to translate that into control of a few apps. BrainAthlete is more focused – gone is the promise of mind control, instead we’re left with a device that measures and analyzes brainwaves, letting a trainer sweat over the data and find out where their athlete’s psychological strengths and weaknesses lie, mapped out perfectly against the unfolding sequences of their game.

Sales started earlier this month in Japan, with a cost of $483. Availability in the US is promised for the first quarter of 2011.