Turning iOS devices into universal remote controls? Yes, for everything from TVs to projectors to audio systems, and even your home lighting. Doing it all for $20 is Apptwee’s Ri Universal Remote accessory, a little white gadget that connects to iOS devices through the headphone port.

Now that’s pretty magical all by itself, who would have guessed so much power can reside in such a mundane looking piece of plastic – probably not one of the eighteen Baldwin brothers could – but the real magic lies in the Ri app.
Built to be as intuitive as possible, all you really need to do is add the devices you want to control, out of a list of 200 brands and their assorted gadgets. The app does all the internal configurations automatically.

With 65 different device categories and more than 750 devices already in their database, along with the promise to keep adding more, Apptwee is going about this the right way.