The Angelcare Deluxe Plus seems to be the most sophisticated baby monitor you’re likely to find. It’s a sound a movement monitor. The sound part is self-explanatory, it will alert you if your baby’s crying. The movement detection is a much more complex matter, as it detects the slightest, tiniest movements – even a baby’s breathing, and if there is no motion for 20 seconds, it sounds the alarm.

Under the mattress is where you place the Angerlcare’s sensor pad for the motion detection to work. The sound monitor is inside the main unit, which also has a soft nightlight and room thermometer. Set a range for it – it’s displayed on the parent’s monitor, and it will alert you if temperatures fall below the right threshold. The maximum range between the two units is 820 feet.

You can even set it to gently tick on the parent monitor when there’s movement, but that probably refers to some higher, more deliberate degree of movement than just breathing.