Daily Archives: December 15, 2010

Kitara Digital Guitar

Kitara Touchscreen Guitar Now Available For $849 (video)


Remember that touchscreen guitar that we showed you last January, the Misa?  Well, you can now preorder the basic version for $849 or the special edition for $2,899.  In addition to a price announcement, they’ve also changed the name to Kitara. Feature wise we’re looking at a multifunction touchscreen, MIDI...

Bottle opening iPod Nano Watch Strap

iPod Nano Watch Strap Bottle Opener


Since we’re already on the theme of watches, it only seemed appropriate to present to you the iPod Nano Leather and Steel Watchband.  At first glance it looks like yet another iPod Nano watch band, but if you squint and peer a little closer you’ll notice some strange curves on...

Fossil Connected Android watch

Fossil Connected Android Watch Concept


Much like Sony Ericsson’s Live View, Fossil’s Connected Watch Design, which is currently in the conceptual stages, displays your Android phone’s caller ID, email, weather and other tid bits of information that are worthy of glance at your wrist. The watch itself doesn’t look half bad, but the current screens...


Hand-Powered Paper Shredder From ThinkGeek (video)


The blurb on the Hand Paper Shredder sales page does a nice job of walking you through some of the ways in which your identity can be stolen, and just how easy it is most of the time. Utility bills from your garbage can be used as an intermediary form...


Tron Skatecycle Is One Of A Kind Neon Wonder (video)


Have a look at the new and unique Tron Skatecycle cruising the streets of New York. For a moment there, you imagined something large, fast and expensive, cutting corners and wowing the crowds. But that’s just because you probably don’t know what a skatecycle is. Part skateboard and part bicycle,...


Apptwee Ri Universal Remote Is Small, Cheap And Close To Universal


Turning iOS devices into universal remote controls? Yes, for everything from TVs to projectors to audio systems, and even your home lighting. Doing it all for $20 is Apptwee’s Ri Universal Remote accessory, a little white gadget that connects to iOS devices through the headphone port. Now that’s pretty magical...


Chameleon X-1 Changes The Whole Mouse Game


Chameleon X-1 from Shogun Bros is an interesting gadget. Not content with simply being a wireless mouse with seven buttons and a red finish that would make Ferrari blush, it’s also the first (to my knowledge) transformer mouse, able to go from desktop accessory to handheld gaming controller to wireless...