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Star Trek Door

Star Trek Door Mod Meets White Picket Fence House (video)


I don’t remember if the Star Trek doors were quite as airy and swooshy as this one is, but we’re talking about a home door mod made by some random yet extremely inventive and therefore very cool guy. So replicating the exact sound of Enterprise doors may not have been...

CR-48 chrome notebook

Chrome Pilot Program Releases Cr-48 Notebook. You’ll Want It

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Those of you who are participating in the Chrome Pilot program are very close to getting a close-up of this compact gray-black notebook. As the very first notebook designed with the Pilot program in mind, if you’ve got the heart of a power user, the Cr-48 will steal that heart...

Lacie Tank

LaCie Tank Makes Almost Any Hard Drive Tough


Drop your gadgets much? Spill liquid on your electronics as of recent? In that case it’s probably a good idea to invest in the Lacie Tank. It’s an IP-63-certified case that can protect your goods from drops, dings and spilled liquids. While it’s largely aimed at those who transport an external...


Benq’s DV S11 Is A Camcorder Slash PicoProjector


Benq’s newest camcorder comes with a pico projector built in, and a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that, at 1/3.2 inch, has been the middle-of-the road consumer standard for years. Nevertheless, off the small sensor come 1080p videos. And to go even a little further down the consumer road of compromise,...

iProp iPad Stand

iProp iPad Stand (video)


If you’re like any normal red blooded American then you know how tiring it can become to use your iPad in bed to watch a TV show or movie.  Your hand goes numb from holding the iPad upright and it’s near to impossible to completely relax. Enter the iProp.  It’s...