Daily Archives: December 2, 2010


Pajamas Warming Pouch Sizzles Your PJs To 118 F


Ah, the luxuries of today.  The Pajamas Warming Pouch will heat pretty much whatever you stuff inside the satin finished sleeve to 118 degree fahrenheit.  It’s designed for clothing, which includes not just pajamas, but gloves, hats, socks, towels; pretty much anything that is fabric based.  Of course, we’d probably...

Griffin Lightboard

Griffin LightBoard Art Case Is Tough Fun For Kids


Griffin’s relationship with kids grows with their new “LightBoard” case, which vows to make your iPad a ‘kid-safe art activity center’. It’s not much more than a protective case made out of polycarbonate, and with access to the speakers and the headphone jack, but it has a blue/green design that’s...


Veebeam Review (updated)


[rating: 2.5/5] Pros: Properly clones a full computer screen to any TV Streaming video works Cons: Minimum requirements are too high for most laptop owners; netbooks are out of the question Drivers are buggy, does not adapt to TV screens properly Expensive Update: At Gadget Review, it’s our aim to...