Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

Dell Venue Pro

Dell Venue Pro Selling December 9


The selling date of the Dell Venue Pro smartphone has been announced as being December 9. This is earlier than the previously thought December 14, when it was supposed to cost $150, but has been dropped down to $100. That’s for the 8GB version, while the 16GB model will cost...

Zaggmate Keyboard 2

Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard Review (update)


[rating:4.5/5] Pros: Rechargeable battery that lasts for “months” Case and keyboard in one with a matching iPad finish Shortcut keys works in almost any application Light weight Cons: Slight imperfections in lining and metal edges LED lights bleed light Micro USB port not the most universal; mini USB preferred UPDATED....

Phonofone III

Phonophone III Electricity Free iPhone Amplifier


The Phonofone III does as well as the Phonophone II, mechanically amplifying the sound from your iPhone up to 60dB. But while its predecessor did it for $900, the new version, or at least the first batch of the new Phonophone III will also sell for just $200. That’s quite...


iPhone SpeedClock App


Are iPhone apps getting cheaper from the amount of competition out there, or are more gifted humanitarians turning into programmers? The SpeedClock app measures both distance and speed to an object, and it costs a dollar. Become a fake road cop, measure your dog, there are many fantasy avenues possible...

Viewsonic VPC200T

Viewsonic VPC200T Touchscreen AIO PC


Viewsonic does more than just ultra-portable computers, as proven by this business class ultra-slim 22-inch all-in-one touchscreen PC. Of course, a slim touchscreen TV that doubles as a computer is going to be for more than just press rooms and staff meetings, so expect to be seeing these in classrooms...


Lightbulb Pushlight Lights Under Your Hand


Replace push of a button with push of a bulb and you get the idea behind the Lighbulb Pushlights. And it’s not just that it saves on space, and wires, and having to find a convenient place for a button, which might ruin and otherwise naked and glistening wall, but...


iFlash Dongle For The Poor Man’s iPhone


The iPhone 4 includes a flash, but what about the rest of us slobs who still use the now antiquated 3Gs and 3g or even Edge iPhones?  This dongle plugs into the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the handset and provides an LED flash light for those night time...

Wheeme Massager

WheeMe, Petite Back Massage Robot (video)


The WheeMe is a robotic massager that kids would mistake for one of their toys, but is in fact quite a nifty gadget, given its ability to climb your back and massage you without falling off. Manufacturer DreamBots says it does its best work on horizontal surfaces, and there isn’t...

Altaz 3.5-inch Touchscreen Internet Clock Radio

Altaz Touchscreen Internet Clock Radio Review


[rating:1.5/5] Pros: Small form factor Built-in WiFi SD card slot Cons: More often than not unable to locate WiFi networks Slightly buggy operation Low rez screen, not capacitive Poor battery life Unremarkable. That’s probably best how to describe Atlaz’s AZICR101 Touchscreen Internet Clock Radio. In a day and age of touchscreen...