The Cinemin Slice iPad and iPhone dock from Wowwee is not content with being an also ran, and we are thankful for that. It’s maybe the first dock to feature a pico projector, and by the looks of it, it’s about average as pico-projectors go.

But it’s not just a projector. You can put an iPhone into the dock section, or pull on it, and it retracts to accommodate the iPad. The dock’s speaker’s are smallish, 2×6 Watt, but there’s a headphone jack that will let you tie it into a bigger sound system.

Mini-HDMI and AV ports will let you hook up a laptop or media player, to take full advantage of the projector’s 854 x 470 resolution, whose 16:9 aspect ratio is wider than both the iPhone’s and the iPad’s. The image can be projected from 10 feet away, and enlarges to as much as 60 inches, with a power of 16 ANSI lumens. Contrast is 1000:1, but as with most any pico-projector, you’ll need to keep the room on the dark side.