Get these wireless remote controlled Christmas tree decorations, because, while there’s many other things you could wish for during the Holiday season, nothing will geek out your tree more than these.

Although I’m sure if I googled all of two minutes, I’d easily prove myself wrong. But any Jabba the Hutt inspired tinsel that might be out there, I don’t want to see it.

These glass baubles are crystal clear and contain mouth blown milk glass figurines. All the figurines on the tree light up at the touch of a button, and turn off similarly. They weight 60 grams and attach to branches via clip, and there are small, 8 x 2cm (3″ x 3⁄4″) (L x diameter) battery boxes, that are hidden behind branches are light the bulbs for 150 hours, which by the manufacturer’s claim is a long and prosperous life for the average Christmas bulb.