The opinions of professional wine tasters, wine gurus, and other gods of the sweet liquor differ on the matter of wine age accelerators. Some claim the devices are complete useless garbage, while others can feel some taste benefits, and have even proven the aging in the lab.

In some cases. In others, nothing was proven. But as with any industry, you should understand why they are less than forthcoming with age accelerators – here’s a product that claims to take a $10 wine and make it taste like a well aged, well cared for $50 bottle.

The theory is that strong Neodymium magnets in the device realign the wine particles in the same way that natural aging would. Leave the bottle in overnight, and you get a better wine. Leave it in longer, and the wine just gets better. Here are the words of a satisfied consumer showing the best case scenario:

“Being on a “wine budget” I buy $10-$12 wine. The accelerator seemed to work as advertised when I placed a glass of wine in it. So I placed a full bottle in the unit one evening and left it overnight. I was impressed with the wine after opening it for dinner.”

At $59.99 it might well be worth a try.