The TikTok and LunaTik are the iPod nano watch as it should have been from the beginning. Designed with care by ambitious founder of the Chicago-based design studio MINIMAL, Scott Wilson.

Once upon a time Wilson was the creative director of watch design for Nike, and now he needs to scrounge up $15,000 to start production on his nano watches. He’s raised around $4,000 of that money, and there are still 29 days left. By giving $25, you preorder the TikTok, which has a plastic band and a frame that snaps kind of the way skiboot locking mechanisms close. In retail, the TikTok will cost $35, while the LunaTik will sell for $70, but a preorder gets you one for just $50.

The LunaTik ditched plastic for Aerospace Grade Aluminum machined in a CNC mill, and thus measured to perfection. Its straps are silicone rubber and the bezel also locks together.