Once synonymous with roads, then replaced with monotonous and easily ruined cement, bricks might just be making a comeback as the gold standard for inner city roads.

The green community is pushing them for their real and varied benefits (easy to produce, they don’t crack from the cold, and the gaps between bricks let rainwater run its natural course, replenishing aquifers), and now the Dutch-made Tiger Stone machine is giving the brick-laying process a giant steroided boost.

Tiger Stone literally lays brick roads, and it does it with minimal human assistance, outputting brick pathways as wide as six meters. With its gravity assisted process, it can put down 400 square meters of road daily.

The angled motorized surface rolls downwards as workers pack bricks on it with the aid of a forklift. The bricks fall into the right pattern thanks to gravity.
Repeat process until brick supplies are exhausted, or there is no more room for roads. There can be no other way.