For those who’ve waited long and hard for the Pillow remote controller, your yearning days are over. For the rest of us, non-DIY pillow modders, a new kind of remote control is on the market, and it’s come as a total surprise.

The Remote Control Pillow from Brookstone manages to not get stuck between an edgy surface and a soft place, and somehow gets the deed done in building a pillow you can sleep on that doubles as a usable remote.

Our best bet would be that it uses technology stolen from the future – since that’s the only kind of technology that could stop you from misplacing the remote. It’s a universal 6 in 1 controller that can connect to and lord over 500 devices.

It costs only $29.95, and you can buy it on Brookstone’s website. It even comes with an auto shut-off feature that puts it into sleep mode after a minute of inactivity.