All good things come to those who own an iPad, seems to be God’s motto these days. At the moment, the latest working of heaven come through the crafty hands of OnOne, who have finally made an iPad version of their very useful DSLR Camera Remote, previously only available on ancient and forgotten iPhones and iPods.

The app lets you see what your camera sees, only your iPad has a bigger screen than your camera, and therein lies part of the magic. Big is better, you know that.

To complete the magical equation, Camera Remote also lets you remotely control most of what your camera does, except, you know, actually trigger a shot. For that, you need to connect your iPad to a computer running the server app, whatever that is.

When the app ships in November, you’ll be able to adjust exposure, focus, get live preview, arrange time-lapse sequences, use gestures to zoom and pan through the image and make a low res preview that’s saves to the iPad’s camera roll. And you’ll have video shooting functionality. That alone will cost $10 to update for those who already own the iPhone app, which is $20 to buy new and free to upgrade.

The full iPad app is another story, a $50 story with humble beginnings in financial tears and glorious endings with gigantic live previews on the iPad screen, but only for Canon and Nikon.