Clearly technology is not capable of mixing phones and cameras seamlessly, with a high degree of performance from both donor devices. Maybe when we get mixed species animal clones we’ll also manage a good camera phone, but until such exciting sci-fi times the LG L-03C will have to do.

And it does do well enough, especially as a camera. It’s a point and shoot with a 12.1 megapixel sensor capable of ISO up to 3200, shooting through a Pentax 1:2.6-5.5 lens with 3X optical zoom. If that means what I think it means, it’s an awfully wide lens, or just a very small sensor that turns it into a regular lens.

It’s even capable of 720p video recording, and on top of that it’s phone side promises GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G, so you’ll never get lost, or bored or become out of touch with anyone, which, as far as cameras go, is quite the accomplishment.