The Lego Mindstorms – Factory 2.0 is fully functional and this video shows it in detailed glory. It was recording during the LegoWorld 2010 even taking place in The Netherlands, from October 20th till Obtober 27th, in the city of Zwolle.

The factory will take your Lego Digital Designer designs and churn them out as Lego reality, as long as they fit within the maximum size of 16 by 22 by 11 bricks (that’s width, length and height) and they only use the 95 types of bricks available in the warehouse.

Martin Bosgraaf estimates is took him 150 hours of actual building time, spanning 4.5 months in 2010, to build the actual factory. Add to that 100 hours of programming to design the software that drives the 5 NXT’s. The total amount of bricks used for the factory isn’t known, but estimated to be 25,000, while the factory’s warehouse stockpiles 1520 bricks for building with.