iPod Touch 4G Review

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iPod Touch Pro 2
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

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  1. I’ve had the 3rd Generation iPod since April of last year. Easy to say that I cannot be without my iPod no matter what I’m doing as it has so many different apps in it that are useful, entertaining and
    informative. Whether I want to check the weather, kill some time with a mini-game, calculate some numbers, check my online banking or send some emails, this is the gadget that saves me the time of having to go boot up my laptop and sign into various websites or load up various software.

    My original iPod was the 3rd Generation 8gb. I have to say one of the biggest mistakes of my life was not thinking ahead and getting the 32gb – if I had I wouldn’t have needed to upgrade. One must remember, that when you buy an iPod, there’s basically NOTHING on there – you have to actually download iTunes and connect it to the thing through a computer and a live internet connection to get the software on the iPod working, and this generally takes up about 1gb of info on it’s own,
    which doesn’t leave much for songs and apps (and believe me, once you get started, it can be alot).

    The 4th Gen iPod boasts some new features that the previous version didn’t have and so many things I couldn’t fault from upgrading…

    * Its own microphone. If you have a modem at home that supports wifi, then you can use the net with this and downloading SKYPE lets you make internet calls for free to your friends and family.

    * Its own camera. Not only does it have two camera modes (front and back) but it also allows to you to take video footage. While the camera quality is admittedly quite rubbish, it’s good for on the go, loads blisteringly fast, and also allows you to use video chat on programs like Yahoo and Skype (and I should mention, these apps are free!).

    * The retina display is far superior to the previous models. I downloaded an app full of wallpapers, and the graphics were so stunning they almost looked 3D, and were so sharp it almost hurt to look at them. The colours are more vivid, and the detail is absolutely staggering.

    * Slightly smaller in width (not by a whole lot). Much easier to hold and doesn’t hurt the hand is much. I’ve heard people also compliment the fact it doesn’t weigh as much as the previous iPod but I couldn’t tell much difference between them in weight.

    * Because iTunes backs up your iPod from synchronization, you don’t really have to do much to get everything the way it was on the previous iPod if you’re upgrading. Takes a while to put everything on it from brand new, but saves so much time in having to re-look up all your old apps. Plus, you actually get to keep your licenses.

    * Included apps (non-optional) are as follows: Calander (lets you actually set reminders, etc, great handy app), email, Safari (iPod’s version of internet explorer), Yahoo! Weather, Clock (can use as a
    timer, alarm, reminder, or world clock), Youtube, Calculator, Facetime, Voice Memos, Notes and App Store. You can’t delete any of these from the lineup, and you’ll find yourself using most if not all of them.

    Everyone I’ve let try this has become hooked (it’s hard to get it back from them at times). Would recommend everyone have an iPod, it’s like having a small laptop at your disposal.

    A few good notes I’ll mention: Amazon Kindle has an app for this now, and many books for free…so take advantage. Using the app is a breeze and it’s much more convenient and comfortable to hold than a book (and way more portable). Records video very nicely, much nicer than the photographs it takes, but please remember if you are going to use this to take video, you must tilt it to landscape mode, otherwise you end up with a skinny video at the completely wrong angle! Also note, the camera has no flash, and pictures do come out grainy. iTunes constantly updates the App store to include the most popular 25 and 50 free Apps available; I was psyched when I learned this, as I had honestly expected once I got an iPod I would be forever paying through the nose for games and apps, which is just not the case.

    For parents: If you’re getting your kid one of these, you can rest easy with the assurance that every time they try to download something, they will be prompted to enter the password for the iTunes account linked to the iPod…so if you’re the kind of parent who doesn’t want to see all kinds of charges flying onto your credit/debit card from iTunes, it’s as easy as setting the account up under your name and keeping the password safe from your children – this way if they want to
    download something, they have to have you enter/authorise it for them every time they try to download something – even if it’s a FREE app/song (and lets face it, this is a good way to keep them from downloading unsuitable material too).

    I still have a few little gripes here and there about it; the battery life hasn’t improved much from the previous models, it still dies out quite fast if you’re constantly using it, and the apps still do crash on occasion. Remember also, internet only works from your home/where your modem is so travelling while using the internet is impossible. The earphones that come with it are quite uncomfortable, be prepared to replace them, and you WILL most definitely find yourself replacing the USB wire for the iPod a few times a year (it comes with no mains adapter, but you can order them online) as they are quite flimsy and tend to split/crack. Do consider investing in a case of some sort to house the iPod, as the high shine finish on the back is quite prone to scratching and do definitely invest in getting screen protective film, as it does really prevent the touch screen from
    getting scratched (saying that though, they are quite scratch resistant screens, but better safe than sorry).

    All in all, I’m glad I upgraded to a better model with more memory, now I don’t really have to keep an eye on the storage space/have to delete apps/songs to accomodate future downloads. Don’t even bother with the 8gb, it fills up too fast. I couldn’t be without the iPod, it lets me do everything I need to and I don’t really need to adjust to different buttons, etc. The best thing about an iPod touch…no fiddly buttons, which would be great for the technologically challenged. I’ll also say that for those who may have limited use in their hands, gadgets like iPod touch are a great asset as you don’t need to have much of a grip or put much effort into navigating through the settings/screens. Takes a few moments to adjust to how responsive the screen is, and then everything you do with it thereafter feels so organic and natural that you don’t even have to overthink it.

    There’s so much to say about this that it’d take pages more to explain how incredible this little thing is. I know it’s still technically an MP3 player, but it’s so much more when you get into it. It’s like having a suitcase full of every gadget and tool you’d ever need.

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  2. A typical FM radio is simply a receiver, not a transceiver. There is no ability to transmit.

  3. Flaviobassols

    So the retina display is not a big deal… Yeah right! Once you get used to that level of detail you don't wanna go back to the old display. And come on almost 95 % of the time you're reading something in your iPod or iPhone, facebook, web, song names ufff you name it, almost everything has written words. I have seen the samsung galaxy and compared it to my iPhone 4, and forget about it, to me there's no comparison, now a days I hate to see pixel grains in a screen something that I can forget about it with my iPhone 4, or iPod touch 4.

    • The more I use the iPod, the more and more I agree with you. But I do stand by my initial statement that the wonderful, beautiful screen alone is not worth upgrading the phone for…but the more I use my iPod, the less I use my iPhone 3GS and my iPad. That screen is just incredible.

      I would point out that while the level of detail is just incredible, the contrast is not as good as the Samsung Galaxy phones and other OLED displays. Videos look better on these devices than on the Retina. Now if the video resolution were turned up and the level of detail were boosted, then yes, I think there's a good shot that detail would overshadow light and dark contrast…but right now that's not happening, and there's no word if such will happen ever.

      My thinking is that phones will end up using larger display formats like 720p before videos are downscaled in large enough quantities to accommodate for small screens.

      • Flaviobassols

        Hi James, first of all I would like to apologize with you if I sounded a little rough, that was not my intention, sorry. For me it depends on how big is your budget, or how picky you are with things, my budget sadly is not big at all, but I'm really picky with technology. I agree that the retina display doesn't have a good contrast but is decent anyway, the point is that even like that I prefer to watch a movie or anything else on this screen than on the galaxy or whatever else, offcourse that probably is my point of view and it doesn't have to be the same for everybody, in terms of technological achievement the iPhone with it's unmatchable touch screen responsiveness and now the amazing retina display with its unbelievable detail is by far the best high tech handheld device out there ahead a few years of all it's competitors…

        • No apology necessary good sir. Rough is the way of the world, and I totally see what you mean. I'm in the same boat when it comes to budget and being picky about stuff.

          Heck, to this day I'm still amazed when I look at just icons on the iPod's screen. They're so damn clear it's ridiculous. As for screen responsiveness, I've found that the latest Android OS (2.2) is pretty good, but not quite there. Windows Phone 7 devices are surprisingly responsive. Heck, I even remember the Palm Pre being the closest thing to iOS in terms of good feel and UI. But I agree, without a doubt, there is nothing quite like the iPhone, and more specifically, nothing quite like the Retina display. Should be an interesting next few months.

          • Flaviobassols


            I sincerely enjoyed our debate in regards to the gadgets (iphone4/ itouch / samsung galaxy) we were comparing this week. It was great to ground a solid topic with someone who is able to stand their ground on their opinions, but still manage to uphold a mannered demeanor along with up-most respect. As you can see, I am very much into modern technology and I dedicate myself to profoundly researching on the latest innovation (it's my common practice in general with everything). Even though this is the case, I am open to suggestions and differing ideas, although I might not always agree. This being said, I was flattered by your interest in my take on the subject and I appreciate you taking the time to create foundation for a rich discussion. I will continue to follow your blog columns closely and I hope that we shall continue to share our knowledge in the future,thus educating ourselves a bit more in the process.

            Last but not least, one thing that I noticed is that the iphone 4 screen is a little better than the one in the itouch, the iphone has better colors and contrast, I compared them both this weekend, ;)

            Thanks for everything and I wish you a very special, happy Valentine's Day.


  4. I got my ipod touch for christmas and i just cant put it down for a few hours a lot of apps do require wifi but the most addictive ones dont! :D i love it love it love it! Id recommend it to anyone

  5. Barry_garcia08

    I bought my ipod 4g 8gig last month, after a few weeks of using it i expirienced a problem with the hardware control button which is the power key and volume are not working.. I bring my itouch to the apple store but instead of fixing it they replace a new one. A brand new 32gig was given to me.. Im so happy because my ipod is only 8gig then now i have a 32gig and i dont xpirience any problem.. Thank you very much apple your the best! I will be your fanatic forever….

    • Funny you say that. Just this last week I took my brother's brand new one in and they also completely replaced it. He somehow managed to drop it on a corner of a sidewalk, and the metal frame bent and the glass on the side cracked. They took one look, said “wow, that's never happened before”, ran in the back and replaced it. Great in-store experience, no doubt about it.

  6. I have this iPod since 2 weeks. Everything works fine except it has issues with WiFi connection.
    It does not work properly with many routers. I tested it with 4 different routers in 4 locations and there is always the same problem. The connection is very slow and the application which needs strong connection do not work well. I searched in Internet and found out that many iPod users have the same problem. Actually the only website who does not mention this problem with iPod, is the Apple website. I went to Apple store and the Apple-guy tested it with their WiFi in store and, no wonder, everything was fine. Because I assume they have routers which are optimized on Apple products. I believe Apple knows about this problem but does not speak about it. I am very disappointed with this product.

  7. Xxlovexxheartxx

    mine just cut off and doesnt want to cut on, no matter what i do. ive charged it, connected it to itunes, and itunes didnt even recognize that my ipod was hooked up. it litterally just, died.

  8. Queenchrissylynn

    for me personally i really love to listen to the radio and i was dissapointed that this great device didnt have one in it…also the apps DRAIN the battery life. and every app almost needs wifi i hate it..so im not very happy with this ipod.

  9. It's so true that the ipod touch 4g will be worth it even without the camera quality. I mean, come on, it's a game device and music player, not to mention a multi-tasking errand runner. The games alone should make it all worth it!!!!

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