Are you ******* kidding me? Apple, you need to moderate these add-on makers as brutally and ruthlessly as you moderate your app store. Clearly there are better things to attach to your iPhone 4 than a Microscope slash Note Checker.

Say what? Who thinks of this? Who stays up at night, brainstorming, and comes up with a Microscope and Note Checker combo. What’s the connection here? It’s a 60x microscope, which is too much for photographing ants and too little for photographing bacteria, and they just added a LED light to it just in case you want to check some… notes?

What notes?

Let’s allow the inventors of this glorious gadget to explain themselves in marketing speak:

“ It comes with White LED for using under Dim/Dark environment, and Note Detector LED for watching the Water Mark of the Paper Note. Get this Useful Gear Today to Enjoy More fun for your iPhone 4!”

Yes, let’s enjoy more fun.