Dropbox has just announced that users can add another 768MB of space (that’s about three quarters of a gig) of space to their current dropbox accounts in four easy and mostly non-intrusive steps. Best of all, it takes almost no time to do! I did it in just two minutes while at the office! So go get it.

Now if you aren’t interested in having Dropbox get more data from you, or being slightly intrusive, then you can still log in and get 128MB free, which is still worth your while. It only involves writing up why you love Dropbox. Any answer will do. “I hate dropbox and want to destroy it” works. The other three methods involve posting on Twitter and Facebook, and connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Dropbox. I don’t really like those options, but I did just connect my Twitter account and then remove it a minute later.

Dropbox: Free Extra Space!

James Pikover

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