Leave it up to the Germans to find technological solutions where others tried brute force. And bike stealing has so far been a matter of brute force, with cyclists looking to make the job of thieves harder with use of chains of varying heft and thickness, while said thieves armed themselves with harder and quicker snapping specialty cutters.

But this bike ‘lock’ by a German design group climbs your bike up a light pole, where thieves will be more conspicuous wielding their weapons.

It’s made out of skateboard wheels and a metal frame, joined in union by an electric motor. You wrap the frame around a streetlight, and the bike has its place on a holder. A remote gets it up and down from its high altitude urban safety nest.

Now, nothing against smart engineering, but this looks a little heavy for lugging around town in your backpack, and not many cities would look in an overly friendly manner at bikes hitched up on light poles.

In the end it doesn’t matter, since the lock itself was created as a sort of publicity stunt for a TV ad for a German mail-order electronics company. The TV spot shows how the lock went from concept to reality in 14 days.