Sites like Hulu are great, but they don’t satiate those who have an appetite for live sports and other programming which depend on a timely delivery.  And that probably explains why many have stuck with their overpriced cable bills.

But that might soon change thanks to a site called FilmOn.  Head there now and you can stream a wide array of TV channels, live.  There are no catches and you can even access them from your phone’s (or iPad’s) browser sans application.  Download the app for your computer and you can access the video, along with all the channels in high, full screen quality.

The selection of channels is relatively limited (CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, XXX Porn, etc), but the quality is good and there is even an option to purchase movies, though they appear to be of the older, less popular ilk.

The site is backed by billionaire Alki David, who believes he is working legally within US copyright law, and given his piggy bank can probably put up a significant fight to try and get his way.

We’re not sure how the site will generate revenue, aside from charging for movies, but perhaps they’ll get large enough and start working with advertisers and partner with each respective channel.

Laptopmag has a video walk through after the ‘leap’

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Christen Costa

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