Update: Checkout our Dell Inspiron Duo review.

The Inspiron Duo, is Dell’s stab in the dark at making a Windows alternative to the iPad. It’s a 10-inch screen tablet netbook that can transform from tablet to touchscreen netbook, and comes with a custom interface layered on top of Windows 7, which personalizes the tablet and probably makes for an easier Mac-like experience.

A JBL speaker dock is optional, and turns the Inspiron Duo into a clock radio slash media player, cradling it in its tablet mode.

Dell will start shipping it in December, with a price of $549, and $649 together with the dock. It’s got a 1.5GHz dual-core Atom processor, 2GB of RAM and a Crystal HD graphics card from Broadcom which makes it capable of playing 1080p video. It also has a 250GB hard drive.