No more wires and almost no hassle at all with Clickfree’s newest backup system. The wireless Clickfree C3 packs 500GBs and a wireless transmitter that gets plugged into your PC or Mac by way of USB port.

Make a backup, the first one, and then you can turn it off, or leave it connected and it will back up any changes every hour on the hour. You can also back up several computers, as long as you register them with the device and they’re all part of the same Wi-Fi network.

You can use it the other way around too – as a share station for photos or music, accessible to any computer in the network. Restoring a backed-up configuration was also made to be an affair of very few clicks.

The Clickfree C3 costs $179, and if you keep your fingers crossed, maybe we’ll be seeing some larger versions soon.