Brenthaven kicks the ball out of the stadium on this one. Words like clean, understated and gorgeous are easy to pin on most gadgets, especially those meant to cover, protect and beautify some other device, but just look at the photos and revel in the simplicity and the beauty that is Brenthaven’s 5-in-1 iPad case.

Its first and primary function is to protect the iPad, using a two sided hardshell design that doesn’t skimp on the toughness. Then there’s the option of tilting the iPad and stabilizing it in viewing stand mode. There’s also typing stand mode, which gives it a nice angle for keystrokes, and a typewriter feel.

Then there’s what looks like a small strap and a large strap. The large strap lets you hang the iPad from the back of a car’s seat, and the small strap acts as a security measure for a tighter grip on the tablet. You can either grab it or run your hand through it.

At $60, this isn’t even close to being the most expensive iPad case, and for what it’s worth, it’s also made from recycled materials.