If you want to drink and drive, don’t.

With that being said, if you want to drink a little and drive, don’t.

But if you absolutely have to, or you just think you’re clear head and want to check if you are, the BACtrack Single Shot Disposable Breath Alcohol Testers are an easy way of doing so, without all the fuss and the price and the maintenance of electronic breathalyzers.

These tests tubes are single use and they don’t require batteries, just squeeze the center and blow air into it for 12 seconds. If the crystals inside change from yellow to blue-green, you know you’re above the limit, or barely on it. The tubes have passed FDA tests and are proven to be 99% accurate, and they come in available in 0.02% (zero-tolerance), 0.05%, and 0.08% (legal driving limit) BAC thresholds.