The Avenger Controller looks like aliens flew down to earth, got their mitts on an Xbox 360 controller, and then stuck a bunch of tubes in it.

It’s actually not a controller, but a case that wraps around the Xbox 360 controller and enhances your gameplay.  It’s a bit difficult to explain, but if you look closely at the above picture you’ll see that those tentacles allow you push buttons without removing your fingers from other pertinent buttons.

Underneath are a set of straps that wrap around the triggers.  You can adjust the tightness of these such that the triggers are brought right to their threshold of engagement.  For example, in COD, you must pull the trigger to fire.  But as you’ll notice there is an area in which the trigger doesn’t engage. The Avenger removes the ‘empty space’ and lets you adjust the trigger to the exact point of engagement.  It can be adjusted according to each game such that you fire as fast as possible – it transforms your triggers into ‘hair triggers’.

What else can we say?  Check their promo video after the leap.  It not until the latter half that they explain the trigger system.

You can pick one up for $59.  They expect to produce a PS3 version by 2011.


Christen Costa

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