Tokyo Designer’s Week 2010 sees Taiwan based design studio ‘bitplay‘ present its first collection of indoor items, among which are the ‘bang’ and the ‘tiktiktik’ lamps.

‘bang’ is an all white lamp that comes with a gun that’s also entirely white. The combo looks pretty dangerous, like something a high minded criminal would decorate his pad with. The trick is that you turn the light on and off by pointing the gun at it and “shooting” it. When turned on, the nightshade slants to the side, proving it’s taken a hit.

If this came with two pistols, it would work well for couples who can’t figure out if they want to keep the light on or off.

‘tiktiktik’, the other lamp, is a more practical device, as it comes with a chain that you have to pull to turn the light on. The longer you pull on it, the longer the light stays on. The chain retracts silently a few minutes before its timer is up, then the light dims and disappears.